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iron man, that's kind of catchy

it's got a nice ring to it

Tony Stark

tony | sing the body electric


January 20th, 2012


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ooc | things to blow up

idk i should have this here, right? what am i doing. B|

October 16th, 2011

Here is a list of Iron Man armor names and designs, with a brief description of their capabilities. All armors use Tony's miniature arc reactor, embedded into his chest, as their power source. The later versions, detailed in their descriptions, also use his Extremis abilities.

The Basics

The Heads-Up Display (HUD)
Not an actual armor, the HUD is the holographic interface seen around Tony's face when he is inside the armor. The HUD allows his a full view of the outside world, sending data and messages to him about everything he sees -- from people's profiles to object analysis to system diagnostics and targeting locks. The HUD is also a way for him to interact with Jarvis, the A.I. who helps to run the suit, and a way to phone in, radio, or otherwise contact people. The HUD has several useful views, including normal view, thermal view, and night vision. With Extremis, Tony is able to connect his brain directly to the armor's systems and the HUD.

While different from the comics' version of Extremis, the ability Tony has in Bete Noire is based off of it. Extremis is the biomechanical power granted to Tony in Bete Noire back in November 2010. It rewrote his brain and body into something more than human -- he can, in honesty, no longer classify as solely human if based on biology alone. His brain is now based more on how a computer functions, including data storage and processing. Like a technopath, he is able to connect his mind to and control computer-based machines and communication signals, such as (obviously) computers, radios, phones, satellites (if there were any in Bete Noire), etc. An example of a machine he is not capable of connecting to is a car engine. He can connect to the computer in a car, but not the engine itself. He is capable of connecting to the entirety of the city's resources at once and keeping the information separate and clear in his mind; however, this sacrifices his ability to feel present and attached to his own body, and often when connected to many things with Extremis, his eyes gain a disconnected or faraway look.

Extremis also revamped his body. Stored inside the hollow of his bones is the gold Extremis undersheath, which he can call forth out of the holes in his body: one on each side of his chest, and six on his back with three lining down either side of his spine. The undersuit is vital to later versions of the Iron Man armor. Extremis has also enhanced Tony's bodily capabilities: he heals a little faster than a regular human, and his internal systems generally work faster. As a few examples, alcohol is more quickly cleared out of his system, his immune system is enhanced to better deal with sickness, and physical injuries knit back together faster.

The Armors

The Mark I
Same as the movie version. Tony no longer actually has this armor, as it did not come with him to Bete Noire. This is the armor he used to escape the terrorists. He built it in a cave. With a box of scraps.

The Mark II
Same as the movie version. This is the armor Tony first built when he returned from Afghanistan. It uses a regular metal, has the flight and steering jet abilities, the HUD with a much busier and colorful design, and a silver color. In Bete Noire, Tony used the Mark II and remodeled it to closer resemble the Mark III after the Sentient Armor destroyed the Mark III; he had not the resources to build a brand new model at the time.

The Mark III
Same as the movie version. This armor is fully flight- and battle-capable, and is built out of a gold-titanium alloy. It is able to reach supersonic speeds, use the repulsors (a propulsion system for flight, the hands as steering jets/stabilizers, that can double as weapons), the unibeam (an extremely strong repulsor blast directed through the chest RT), anti-personnel guns in the shoulders, an anti-tank missile in the right forearm, and flares at the hips. This model was destroyed by the Sentient Armor.

The Mark IV
An improved, more streamlined version of the Mark III. Built in Bete Noire after the zombie invasion, Tony revamped the flight system to better accommodate passengers, should he need to carry someone while flying. Flaps were added to help steering if his hands, and therefore the stabilizers, were full. This version of the armor has a slightly different color design, but still holds all the weapons and battle-capabilities of the Mark III. It also fixed any weaknesses in the Mark III design, providing more flexibility around the torso and more protection around the neck area. The repulsors are also stronger, and the suit has a limited oxygen supply that allows Tony to cut off or filter the air around him should it prove toxic. (This also allows him some time underwater, but the suit is not designed for underwater movement.) The Mark IV is the first version capable of the radius blast, a powerful and wide-spread repulsor blast that extends out from the armor in the form of a violent sphere.

The Mark V
A highly improved version, far overpowering other models in offensive capabilities. Tony built this model in Bete Noire after he discovered the new element to replace palladium in his chest reactor, which saved his life. The improved reactor core greatly exceeded its power output of the other versions by six times, allowing Tony to make changes to the armor he only dreamed about before. Cosmetically, the color design shows off more of its gold color, and the trademark circle on the chest has been replaced by a triangle in homage to the newly discovered element which saved his life. Overall, the repulsors, unibeam, and flight abilities are more powerful, but Tony added several weapons to its arsenal. Retaining everything from earlier versions, the Mark V also used propulsion jets on its back for more speed and allowing Tony full use of his hands in flight if needed; weapons-wise, the Mark V gained the use of adhesive grenades stored in the left forearm, and the disgustingly powerful red lasers able to cut through near anything with deadly precision. One laser is stored in each wrist/top of the hand, and each is only able to be used once per battle. After he gained Extremis a couple months later, Tony tweaked the Mark V to work with his Extremis abilities, connecting it closer to his brain and central nervous system. Unfortunately, the Mark V was crushed in a battle with the Hulk early September 2011.

The Mark VI
The portable briefcase armor. Tony built the Mark VI (actually the Mark V in canon) to take with him on the boat trip to Babylon. (Unfortunately, that boat trip never happened thanks to a convenient volcano-portal.) The first armor designed around his Extremis abilities, the alloy is specially designed to be a sort of memory metal, capable of folding into itself and strengthening and hardening when polarized. Intricately fitted into a briefcase that can open and unfold, Tony uses Extremis to reform the armor around him. The Mark VI is far less powerful than other versions due to its portability: he does not have the extra weapons such as the guns or missiles, and it cannot handle the weight capacity of a passenger while in flight. A note about this armor in difference from its canon version is that the chest emblem is a triangle instead of a circle.

The Mark VII
The first armor to fully show off the capabilities of Extremis. Months of practice has toned Tony's Extremis ability to near perfection. The Mark VII model is sleeker, sharper, and smoother than others before. Built to replace the Mark V, which was crushed by the Hulk, it retains all the weapons and abilities of former models with a few improvements and additions. Cosmetically, it still displays the triangular light in the chest, but returns to the more red of earlier versions. Aside from previous models' offensive capabilities, the Mark VII is more capable of defense. Using Extremis, the armor is directly connected to the gold undersheath stored within Tony's body, and he can control the armor with simple brain impulses, making it the fastest armor to date. Integrated also is part of the memory-metal technology, allowing movement even if the armor should be damaged or dented in joints -- all of it controlled through Extremis. The undersheath, a combination of tech and biology, allows a regenerative quality, a slow process that can self-repair the armor and its systems. (In Bete Noire, this is not yet able to heal Tony himself, beyond the initial enhancements.) Another noteworthy addition is the use of force fields in the armor. Using a modified repulsor field, Tony is capable of creating a force field around himself and others; however, this renders him unable to use his weapons, as it requires a great deal of power. Lastly, the repulsors have been slightly modified to be able to switch over to a sonic blast, adapted from the sonic fire extinguishers he designed for the Bete Noire Fire Department. No one but Tony himself is capable of piloting this armor.

The Hulkbuster Armor (in design stages)
Tony got the idea to create a hard-hitting armor focused solely on strength after his run-in with the Hulk. Though yet unnamed in the game, the armor is in its design stages. Size comparison.

September 15th, 2010

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May 19th, 2010

im2 yet again

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armor | care to repeat that?
why iron man 2 is a weak link

ahhh, Kofi, ilu. ♥ I couldn't explain why I was so disappointed and emotionally disconnected with IM2 my first viewing, but I think he pretty much gets it right on. My second viewing I had thought into the story and characters on my own beforehand, but I should have gotten that connection the first time.

c'est la vie.

/writes her own.

August 20th, 2009

l-lol, i don't know where else to put this. XD but, um. I'll probably be writing ficlets every now and then with TheWake!Tony because it's a handy way for me to keep my word count up.

also i hate having this sponsored background on my journal. ; ; b-but. 30 icon spaces!

title: a slight change in plans
what dis: tony introspection. armor problems, alien technology, wtf.
when's it happen: just before tony's locked post to megatron here.
notes: technology is srs bsns.


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